About Me

hi there! welcome to my blog!
here's a little bit about me:
jesus is my everything. & i want to live to bring glory only to him.
i've decided one of my true callings in life is to make pale people feel tan.
my guilty pleasure is looking at wedding photography.
i love babies.
i pick up pennies i find on the ground and keep them.
my heart is in zambia, africa. and someday, when i'm a nurse, i will go back.
i love volleyball and soccer even though i'm not spectacular at either.
i have curly hair.
i'm so very blessed to have incredible best friends.
photography makes me happy.
i really don't know what my favorite color is right now. there's just too many pretty ones.
fall is my favorite season.
i creep on facebook. like a lot.
my friends tell me i'm going to have twelve kids someday. not happening.
i hate humidity.
i always wear my seat belt... or at least when possible.
i can't wait to be a nurse someday.
soft serve vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and oreo crumbs is my favorite. or mint chocolate chip. or basically any ice cream in general.
i cry when i laugh really hard. & when i try not to laugh.
i love love love snow. it makes me so happy.
i say dumb stuff. a lot. way too often.
i've been on five mission trips in the last three years. [puerto rico, zambia, chicago, bulgaria, mexico]
i am obsessed with coupons. especially ones that get me free stuff.
traveling and going on adventures brings me so much joy.
philippians 4:13 ♥