Thursday, January 26, 2012

paper cranes & late afternoon light

Over Christmas break I got really crafty. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that I also made a Pinterest at the same time...

Anyway, I literally was not able to sleep some nights because of all the creative ideas floating through my mind. I was going to redecorate my not-even-nicely-decorated-in-the-first-place dorm room.

I felt like a little kid playing pretend. Except instead of pretending to be firefighter or a mommy, I was pretending to be an interior designer.

Once I had the plan all straight in my head, I headed out to Michael's and JoAnn's to pick up my weapons. Scrapbook paper, twine, & mini clothes pins. [If you ever need to buy twine, go JoAnn's. It's like five bucks cheaper. No lie.]

Then over the next week I began creating. Except of course I couldn't be anti-social during this jolly time of year, so I simply folded paper into cute little cranes while playing Ticket to Ride... at least once a day, and my brother's own homemade version too.

I've always heard that the best light for pictures is an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Well, I decided I wanted to test that out myself and do a little photoshoot with my little birdy friends.

And it's completely, 100% true. I LOVED that lighting.

I've been meaning to put the photos up for a long time. I'm not quite sure why I haven't.

I think it may be that I got Photoshop Elements for Christmas and I almost feel guilty for not editing the pictures. But I'm a college student and don't have that much time... especially when Pinterest is calling my name....

So here they are. Completely unedited and shot completely on auto mode.

I'm still a complete beginner at this whole photography thing.

But I really do love those cute little cranes :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

relay for life

I hate cancer. It took my Grandma away from me the summer of my sophomore year of high school. It took my uncle away from me just two years ago. It took my neighbor away from her husband and teenage daughter. It took an 18 year old girl from my church. A high school volleyball teammate is battling it. A friend's college age brother has been told the doctors no longer know what to do. I hate cancer.

Yet my God is greater. My uncle and my neighbor? They came to Christ before they went to be with their newfound Savior. The girl at my church? Her dream for a camp for kids with cancer has been fulfilled ( My God is greater. My God is stronger. And He gives me the ability to do all things with His strength. So I'm battling cancer.

I'm fighting against cancer because cancer is not part of God's original plan. I'm fighting against cancer because I've cried over way too many lives being cut short. I'm fighting against cancer because I'm studying nursing and I never want to have to tell a patient they have cancer. I'm fighting against cancer because I can do all things with Christ's strength.

To me, this relay is about doing something about the horrible disease that has taken so many loved ones away from me. It's about rallying together with the body of Christ and making a stand against Satan. We are the hands and feet of Christ. I pray that through this relay Christ will be seen walking on earth in me and my teammates and all participating in the relay.

I have a goal of raising $100 and I would so totally love for you to join me in this battle! Go to this link to donate:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

apple sauce

Today was the first time I ate apple sauce straight out of the jar. I know, I'm probably pretty behind. But it made me so happy to just stick a spoon into that giant jar of deliciousness and eat it right off of that same spoon :)

Maybe the real reason it made me so happy is that now I don't have to wash a bowl... hey, I'm a college student.

Oh, and I also found out that apple sauce drips on your desk look like baby spit up.

And in case you were wondering, yes, that made me miss babies.